Same-sex wedding in Ibiza

Same-sex wedding in Ibiza. Beautiful same-sex wedding video shot at Petunia Ibiza, cozy boutique hotel near Cala Carbó


Two Brides are better than one!

Raquel and Nadina’s story began at a personal training studio.
“She wanted to skip many sessions, but I got her to train three times a week. With me, preferably only me” says Raquel. “We fell in love pretty quickly and I knew she was the one… where I missed, she filled.”

Raquel and Nadina have very strong personalities and a fiery relationship with each other. You can almost see the sparks flying between them! Their caring families, fun-loving friends, and charismatic celebrant together made this Ibiza wedding one of the most special events I ever filmed.



Aerials: @drone.ibiza



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